Like most people with a Playstation 4 I played and loved last years Spider-Man game by Insomniac. It improved upon the web swinging from Spider-Man 2 and combined it with the combat and immersive world building from the Arkham series.

While I am looking forward to the inevitable sequel, and think that it should be mostly more of the same, I’d like to look beyond that game and talk about where I’d like to see the series go in the future.

Spider-Mans depiction of New York City was perfect, and does not need to be changed. The scale of the city, the detail of the buildings and the liveliness of the streets was on point. The work has been done. This allows the developers a lot of freedom to work on other things.

What I would love to see is an expansion of playable characters. Spider-Man 3 shouldn’t be Spider-Man 3 at all, it should be the first of a series of games based in the Marvel universe and the beginnings of the Marvel Games Universe.

You could start the story with Spider-Man, introduce a threat too large for him to handle, and then introduce other heroes that control and feel unique while still using NYC as a backdrop for the action.

The game could be broken up into sections where you are introduced to new characters, and then those characters can be switched between in the over-world where you can traverse the city and free-roam fighting crime.

The game wouldn’t have to be solely set in NYC, you could expand to the other boroughs, you could go into space, travel to other dimensions, explore inside buildings and under the city. You could even delve beneath the sea. The options are endless. Spider-Man’s NYC is the perfect setting to expand upon.

Here are five characters I would love to see introduced in my hypothetical Marvel game.

I’m a huge DD fan and would love to see him traversing rooftops and solving crimes around Hells Kitchen. He would be the perfect character for slower paced story sections, and I’d love to see his senses and his fists in action.

The Hulk
This character has already been featured in a great open world game called Hulk Ultimate Destruction, and would be a shoe-in for the MGU. He’s quite a mobile character and his jumps and grip strength would allow him to travel at great speed and allow him verticality. Combat wise he could throw cars, use them as boxing gloves, throw lamp posts like javelins or simply smash things with his fists. The opportunities are endless.

Iron Man
The obvious choice, flying through the city would be incredibly exhilarating. His various suits would offer a large assortment of abilities that he could use in combat and in flight and he could travel up to helicarriers or even into space expanding the world vertically. The unlockable suits alone would make this character a great choice for the MGU.

Luke Cage
Having Cage patrol Harlem would expand upon the top half of the map and bring some much needed grittiness to the streets of NYC. His indestructible skin would make for some great power moments as bullets ricochet off of him and villains would have to find other means to take him down, introducing new enemy types and super villains.

Captain America
Caps hand to hand combat abilities would make him an amazingly fun character to play. His various shield throws, charges, slams and reflects would allow for great close quarters and ranged combat. You could even have an unlockable Bucky costume that allows him to use guns.

These are just a handful of ideas, the options really are limitless, you can go as mainstream or as obscure as you like, picking and choosing from every Marvel hero or villain ever created.

While swinging around the city is a huge part of the fun of Insomniacs Spider-Man, less mobile characters wouldn’t necessarily have to be a chore to play. There are many ways the developers could get around their lack of mobility.

The best option would be to grant all characters the ability to call down a Quinjet that they could board and allow the player to fly over the city to drop their hero at their chosen destination. This could be player controlled or a cinematic like catching the train in the first game. The only difference would be that it can be called down almost anywhere.

While it is likely we will be getting Miles, Venom and the Symbiot Suit in the next Spider-Man only game, I really think it would be a missed opportunity to keep the game Spider-Man focused in following installments. Instead I would use the success of this series like Marvel did with Iron Man and use it to launching pad to start the MGU.